Friday, March 04, 2011

PT = Pain & Torture

Well, I am in South Carolina with an ipad and a will to blog, but no way to attach pictures. Nevertheless, I thought I would expound a short bit, if just for the sake of my brother and sister.

Dad had a total knee replacement on Monday. He's 76, and not known for tackling huge projects or pain with vim and vigor, but I must say I have been very impressed with his positive attitude and will to do that which has been set out before him. He came home yesterday after mom picked me up from the airport. I had flown down on a little midget of a plane that looked like it had been left in the washer on hot a wee bit too long. I don't know for what sized human it was designed, but that person was substantially shorter than 5' 7". They definitely weighed less than 400 pounds, too. I don't weight 400 pounds, but the guy in front of me did, and he looked like he needed a shoe horn to get in and out of the seat, poor guy.

Anyways, i got to see the Physical Therapist work with dad yesterday. Today a PT came to the house, and this afternoon, I led him through the exercises again. He has the electrically circulating ice pack on now and is asleep. Oh! Mom just woke him up asking about dinner, and now he is up and at 'em. He gets himself up himself and walks a bit, God bless him! It's wonderful, except mom and I caught him doing it twice in the night, trying to help the dog.

Well, the dog is at a kennel now, and mom and I are tired, but hopefully we all will sleep well tonight.

This is kind of cutting into my knitting time, though!

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twinsetellen said...

Physical Therapy - hard but necessary work. Best wishes to your dad.