Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Here are the best pictures from one of our cameras.

The last two were taken in Oxford. The first is me punting on the Cherwyll, and the second is Magdallen college tower before sunrise on May Day.

Radio Silence

Today, I finally downloaded the England pictures on the laptop, since the desktop seems to have an issue with uploading them for this blog.

Then I read todays BBC news, and, what should have been the headlining news of Doctor Who "retiring" the Daleks for awhile. I could have told them that! We chatted after the photo op.

We just got home from South Carolina where my family surprised mom for the day after a big birthday. My friend Tamara and her mom Joan met us and we all snuck in together.

Knit-wise, I finished some socks, knit a tea cosy and finished the second arm for the tilted fair isle on the trip. I can't wait for it to be done!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I have tried posting several times in the last radio silence, but my pictures will not load.

My hubby told a story a moment ago that needs to be be shared. He filled up the vehicle this morning in the teeny burg where he works, and went in to pay by debit card. "Put your John Henry here," Said the gas attendant as she handed him her slip.

Now, do I need to go beat up that lady, or what?!

He has said when he is at work and tries to share mistaken phrases like that, no one gets it. Is it education level, or sense of humor?