Sunday, March 13, 2011

How about some of that Nordic madness in picture form?

Here are some gratuitous pictures Scandanavian and Finnish knitting books. Is your seat belt buckled?

The three books I received from a kind lady in Wisconsin:

These first few pictures are from the book at the bottom of the pile. It is missing a cover page, and is written in Swedish, but the pictures and charts are very complete and lovely. Quite inspiring.
Isn't this lovely, with the yarn loop cuff?

Here is a lovely Scandinavian star:

I adore the cuff on this one:

Here is he last one I'll put on here from this book today. I recognize the cuff from a mitten taught at the Nordic conference in Seattle last October. I didn't attend that class, but Alex, who works at the museum did and he was hauling it around knitting on it. The cuff is doubled, and knit in a slipped stitch/knit through the back of the loop way that makes this nice spiral.

The second book I'll highlight is the Mitten and Glove book published in Stockholm in 1930. It is by Anna Petersson-Berg and was originally published in 1923 by Husmoderns Handböcker I Husflit. Sigh. 91 illustrations!

This next picture has so much, but mainly features a variety of ways to make cuffs, both on wristlets and mittens.

Here's a lovely gauntlet mitten:

Wild and crazy cuff. Have you ever seen this one on a Swedish knit?

Finally, from this book, a two tone geometric knit. This is a style I see most often knit in twined or two-ended knitting. However, this example does not appear to be done so.

Finally for today, my prize and joy Mary Olki book. I have been looking for this ever since the classes in October. The pair on the cover are the same mitten Carol Rhodes knit in her course in Finland. She had them in the Finnish knitting Traditions class that she taught -- such a masterpiece of technical knitting!

It has info on how to make the yarn loopy cuffs:

And pictures of the actual mittens Alex was working on:

Lastly, it has the pictures and instruction on how to make the famous Rovaneimi mittens from Northern Finland.

Unfortunately, they are in Finnish.


twinsetellen said...

I'm thinking, "fortunately, they are in Finnish", and I can just look and enjoy instead of beat myself up about not knitting all of them.

I love the multi-colored thrumming on that one mitt, especially.

Sophie Pierson-Evans said...

So many mittens. Not enough hands.

Sarah Jane said...

Ummm, perhaps I shouldn't say this, but I know some Finnish Knitters.....

stashmuffin said...

Say it away, Sarah, but where are they? And do they want friends? :) They can't HAVE my book, but I'm willing to share!