Thursday, March 24, 2011

That's Why I Wish Again I Were in Michigan..

That is a Judy Garland song in some old musical, but corrected for proper grammar.

Tomorrow, I take the three tykes, and we trek to Michigan! Michigan is the grand state in which I was raised, and Michigan is home to several friends. Two nights we will stay with a high school friend and her family, and perhaps another two elsewhere.

My high school friend was a spinner, embroiderer and quilter while still a teen -- way, WAY before I knew these things even existed. I still clearly remember her showing me an entire quilt she had made and asking me to find the mistake. "?!" I didn't even know how to vocalize questioning this, when I truly didn't know the first thing about quilting. She finally pointed out, a little disappointed that I didn't even try, where she had sewed one of the small pieces right side down. "The Amish make intentional mistakes because only God is perfect." I allow Him that privilege as well, but trying as hard as I can. I know full well I'll have them, and they'll be unintentional!

Anyhow, she is a spinner and knitter as well. I'm bringing my spindle, but our time is sure to be full herding children, washing up, and... sleeping? That seems optional.

Unfortunately, for Spring Break, the weather went South. It was below freezing for a bit today. Had to remind the kids as they tried repeatedly to run outdoors without coats, without hats, without shoes. Hope Springs in the heart eternal, but, unfortunately, Spring takes its time!

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Sophie Pierson-Evans said...

Aha! I tracked you down, Stashmuffin. Hope you're having fun. Love as always,