Thursday, March 17, 2011

Took little guy to his pre-operative visit with our friendly neighbor otorhinolaryngologist. The irony is that the doctor is so soft spoken, it's hard to hear him.

Little guy and future singing star girl then got their teeth cleaned and nicely polished. Both got their pictures taken for the no cavities wall. Found out favorite dental hygenist is 19 weeks pregnant with twin girls. I felt it my duty to propose names: Maisy and Daisy, Dixie and Trixie (BOOM-ya, Brenda!), Lily and Vanilly, Janelle and Rochelle. She didn't bite. She did, however, concede that they weren't the worst names offered. That honor goes to Rena and Phyllis: combo names from her family.

Finally, tonight we had little girl's singing concert for the year. She shown like a star and chewed gum. I was disgusted with the later. Here is a take from the concert. Only those related to her could possible pick her out from this poor quality video.

Last week, little monkey had his concert. Here is my favorite outtake:

Not to be left behind, eldest had a piano recital last Sunday. Here it is, with special effects by youngest:

Because of the travel, I've been working on my Medano Beach bag today. It uses stripes of Rowan denim and Twinkle Cruise in ivory. Nice nautical theme.

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