Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Had a nice quiet two days, so I determined to resurface the short-row Fair Isle sweater. It had been put in the bad corner, because the gaps and strings formed by knitting up the sleeve in the round put me over the edge.

In the 2 months it has been put away I have read two tips that I shall employ. The first recommends knotting the cut strings at the start and stop of rows until such time as one can weave in ends. This should help mind the gaps.

Secondly, I had the conundrum of attaching sleeve caps with the sleeves knit in the round into a finished body of a sweater also knit in the round, and weaving in THOSE ends. I read on Lene's blog that she attached such sleeves with three needle bind-off. Oh! The light! So welcome!

Yesterdays plan was to knit an entire sleeve. I finished up to the elbow, and, really, that was just fine.

Today, littlest monkey threw up right after I urged him to eat breakfast. He left a trail from the breakfast table to the bathroom. Two other children scattered like leaves in the wind. Sigh. He is safely ensconcsed with electronics on my lap right now, his cute little elbows pinning my wrists to the desktop. Elbow piercings. Hmmm...

Here is a picture of the work in progress.

May we all sleep well tonight!


ElzBelle said...

Very lovely. I like your shawl, too.

smokedsalmon07 said...

Wow!!!!! Impressive!!! So gorgeous!!

Sophie Pierson-Evans said...

this blog of yours is excellent, stashmuffin. like the words. like the pictures. particularly like the british hat and the young lad wearing it. it obviously was meant for him. the prince and bride might invite him to the dance if they see him wearing it. (from sophie's husband, who's now walking about with a cane.)