Friday, February 25, 2011


Snow day today. We had two other two-hour delays this week, and on our regular late-start day, I got to take my two sons on medical visits.

Youngest squirrel got to have an in-depth hearing test. It was cute. He did okay with taking it, but will hopefully get tube surgery over Spring Break. He has low level hearing loss due to recent ear infections. He just went on medicines for the third infection in three months today.

Then, in the afternoon, my eldest got a Herbst appliance orthodontic thingy. Here are graphic pictures.




Up close and personal. He has been re-learning such important skills such as biting, chewing, swallowing... closing his mouth. He lets it hang open now, in hopes of resting his jaw. His teeth are hinged, and he cannot shift his jaw left, right, backward or forward. Yuck! It should be on about 14 months, I think, and, according to the doctor, he shouldn't set off airport alarms. I'm holding him to that, especially if he goes in an airport!

On the crafting front, I cast on a Baby Surprise Sweater yesterday. I have seven rows to go...

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