Thursday, February 03, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

I officially declare this the year of the mitten.

Architecture mitten in the works. Actually being put in time out, because it isn't the proper length. I will need to frog some of it, and reconfigure the pattern. Sigh.

I started Lucy Neatby's Fiesta mittens in the meantime, and am LOVING them. Knitting with The Loopy Ewe's Purple Rose color of Casbah, and Blue Moon Fiber's Socks That Rock Silkie. Total heaven.

I also knit a pair of standard mittens in some of my first homespun from this Fall.

Here is a picture from our snowstorm Tuesday/Wednesday.

School was out yesterday. Two hour delay today. Even my husband's work was closed yesterday. We traipsed up and down the street with shovels and cookies, and when we got home, we tackled winnowing down and moving toys in the house. Had to rest after that. Nothing like a day off!

Today, I made some no-knead bread. It was delicious: very crusty on the outside, moist and springy on the inside.

Lastly, I finished my hat for Warm Hats, Not Hot Heads, a campaign headed up by the inimitableEllen Silva, half of the twinset knitting blog. Head over there and see what it's about, and join in! My hat is for Joe Donelly, IN rep.


Flick said...

i've found you again and now i'm not going to lose you. haha! your creations are so beautiful!!!! wanna come down and give me a lesson? i need to pick it back up again. AND where is your bread recipe from? i would love a no-knead recipe. hope all is well your way and you are all dug out. we are all "picked" or "chipped" out from the ice storm.

twinsetellen said...

Great hat!

And great pile of snow, too. We are starting to lose trees to all the snow here. Not that they are dying - we just can't find them after we pile the snow up on them.

smokedsalmon07 said...

Those mits are so pretty!! :)