Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day of rest

Yesterday I drove our eldest to a Saturday enrichment school in Layfayette. The daughter and I ran around doing errands which MAY have included a yarn shop. Last ball till May, I swear. Anyways, when there I had a nice chat with one of the workers, and she ended up asking me if I'd take over the helm for the Nordic Knitting circle there. Would I? Well, she isn't the owner and so there are still some conversations that need to take place, but I'm excited by the prospect.

Then, last night I got to fulfill my fantasy to be a flight attendant and give the safety speech. Well, maybe it wasn't a fantasy of mine, but I did apply to Delta airlines about 20 years ago and didn't make the cut. In retrospect, I'm thankful. I don't think those passengers appreciated all the work Brenda and I did for them! The venue was our church Ladies' Night, and the theme was Fantasy Island/It's All About You. We greeted everyone with a check-in area and boarded them on the flight. Mayhem ensued, including the pilot bailing out with a parachute because he had to use the bathroom! Brenda landed the plane in style, and we de-planed at Fantasy Island!

Welcome! Welcome everyone!

Mr Roarke and Tatoo were there (Joy, I need pictures!), and we all enjoyed food, a swap shop and a spa room. Then Kay Maclain gave a marvelous talk full of transparency and personal challenge. I was so pleased a posse from Rochester joined us!

Afterwards, I slept like a baby and have rested ever since, fighting off a cold my youngest is determined to share. Now, I'm ready for the week!

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Brenda said...

I love you. I actually wanted to be an "stewardess" when I was in High School...don't know if I've actually told people that...What with my pilot skills and all!!!