Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I had a lovely day today! So many nice friends and relatives wished me a happy birthday -- it was quite heart-warming! My family thoroughly feted me, from my nice hand-made cards from my kiddos, like this one:

Yep. The child that choose a pink marker initially called me 60, then, realizing her mistake, corrected it in pen. Jane, watch out! She may use this one for your birthday next month, too!

When I thought about this comic mistake, though, it is reassuring, right? To our kids, or any kid, we're just way up there. Then the truth will out: age doesn't matter.

Last night I cast on the first few stitches of the "Birthday Cowl." Today it morphed into this one. I call it "Sha-ZAM!" There is a lightening bolt zigzagging down the front.

Thank you all, who contributed to a fantastic day!

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