Monday, October 04, 2010

Spinning with Abby

#1 Daughter and I had a blast spinning with Abby Franquemont at The Trading Post in Pendleton, Indiana, Sunday September 26th. We boogied out of here about the same time she's ready for school on weekdays, drove a full two hours and arrived to...

Yes, that "Wa-Hoo!" face should have been worn by me, but she had fun as well!

While there, Abby worked on increasing our productivity. I was shocked to spin as well as I did, and although I did not show marked improvement in my yards per minute spun, I did manage the same amount of yarn in the same time on a bottom whorl spindle -- my first time spinning on one.

And when I got home I was inspired to sit and spin on the wheel another two skeins of lovely, lovely wool.

The spinning bug has got me!


Jen said...

Laura, I once read a fantasy book about a girl who did drop-spinning. I was fascinated, but baffled. I'd love to see a video of you "in action," just so I can wrap my brain around the process a bit better. Any chance of that? :D

twinsetellen said...

Man, when that bug bites, it CHOMPS! I got bitten just last spring and I still itch something fierce. (and it feels so good to scratch!)

stashmuffin said...

Hi Ellen! Got to go finish another 4 ounces.
Good to hear from you!
Hey, I am going to the Nordic Knitting conference next week. Mmmm!

Jen, I'll try to do that! Thanks for stopping by!