Friday, September 24, 2010

Group Therapy

Today was the first meeting of a new knit group at the Argos Public Library with five ladies attending, plus myself. I arrived just in time.

My Plymouth pal, Chris, had notified me of a spinning wheel at a shop in her town on sale for $67.50. Chances were that it was crap, but, hey, that small possibility of what chance is all about! I went on up, crunching the time. A lovely, antique wheel of aged oak, it had no flyer/spool, so totally unable to make yarn. The single treadle turned the wheel just fine, though, and the mother-of-all was intact. Oh, well.

As a result of looking at the wheel, though, I was just barely making it to the group on time. As I raced up the stairs, the tornado siren went off. "I arrive with sirens!" I declared as I raced in.

The ladies were at various stages of knitting from never having lifted a set of needles, to working on a baby sweater. Several crochet and quilt as well. We meet next Friday, so I hope that takes off okay.

Then, I got to have lunch with my hubby bubby! What a strange feeling to be just the two of us. Again. Yesterday we went out to breakfast. Someday, it will just be the two of us. But there's lots of painfully embarrassing times with our kids in public before then.

Speaking of which, two of the kids and I are off to the Children's Museum in Indianapolis tonight for a special event.

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