Saturday, September 18, 2010

Back from the hunt... as yet, no kill

Michigan proved somewhat a bust -- in two ways.

I packed up the two little ones, well sedated with technology, and drove three hours to a garage sale. As we exited the highway, near the only civilization we would see for some time, I queried them as to bladder needs. "None, mother," they responded in perfect unison.

Apparently the bladder fills upon standing. We found the home, found their bathroom, went back outside and my kids proceeded to find everything else not nailed down. Somedays I feel like a sheepdog of humans.

The lady had a Baillie and Watts thirty year old Sleeping Beauty Serena. It is castle style and only had 2 bobbins. It ran nicely, but a little loose in the steering (i'm new at this!). But, I want to get a wheel that I want to keep -- not upsize or sell at a garage sale someday! So off we toddled to Friends of Wool shop in Holland, MI. Yesterday I went on their website. They sell Ashfords, and, I think another wheel. Turns out they don't stock them, though. If I wished to point to one in a book, they can order it for me. Yeah. First bust.

I did manage to purchase some lovely British (pure, new) wool there, though. Smells lovely, and it wants to be mitts.

Then we went down M40 to Allegan and ate at the Village Inn. Lovely grease. We washed our hands and headed over to fondle roving at Baker's Studio in downtown Allegan. The lady there stocked and sold Schachts and Kromskis. I listened to what she had to say and spun on three wheels twice.

I like double treadles. I like nice wood. The Schacht seemed more substantial, and so, that's what I came away with on my new, updated, improved and more expensive wish list.

Gulp. That's the second bust: on my wallet -- someday.

I didn't have the camera with me, so let's add at least one knitting pic. This is a picture of the Twined Sampler Hat I'm developing.

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