Friday, October 22, 2010

The True Nordic, Strong and Free

i had a lovely time at the Nordic Knitting Conference at the Nordic Museum Seattle October 2010. It was inspiring and magical. A true, short sabbatical from the daily grind of child-raising, and a real treat. I am very thankful to my loving husband for encouraging and supporting me in my love of yarn!

I had wanted to blog about it a couple days earlier. One major distraction, besides three small children on a week Fall's break, was this:

Needless to say, I have been crazy spinning ever since. Went through a big cone of a pencil roving dual-tone alpaca, and I did the second ply to the mystery wool-tencel blend I started last week, plied, and washed it, and it is hanging to dry. Tomorrow to an "all day quilt, " I am hauling the wheel and some coriedale to spin a thin 2-ply with which I plan to knit some mitts in the Finnish tradition. But I digress.

A week ago, Thursday, found me toodling off in the car ALONE to the airport. My, I was thinking hard! And singing. I created new words to Air Supply's Two Less Lonely People in the World, and it is now all about yarn. I was so engrossed in it, I drove right by the *new* highway exit to the new Indianapolis airport, and got 20 minutes tacked on to the commuter time. Sigh.

The flights went well. Snoopy was in Minneapolis and celebrated my lovely trip in style. Estonian style.

I found my friend and went off to the lovely home in which we stayed. We unpacked and got things set for the next day...

Then, I woke up at 3:15am, bright and early. No getting back to sleep for me!
More tomorrow...


twinsetellen said...

You flew through Minneapolis? Next time, give me a shout and I can meet you for coffee at the airport! (if itinerary allows)

stashmuffin said...

Oops. Yeah. Didn't think of that. But, truthfully, I just had time to hightail it to the other end of tarnation. My spinning at the gate was held to about 5 minutes.