Friday, July 01, 2011

I have noticed, the posts don't just pop up by themselves!

Summer vacation is in full swing -- in fact it is half over! Two weeks ago, I wove in the last, blasted end on my short-row fair isle, and declared it done. Yesterday I steamed it. Between those two dates, I have driven to tennis, swimming, parks, camps, Soft ball, t-ball, All Stars, piano, flute, drum camp, and friends' houses. THEN, I had to run the kids around.


I am packing for days away with small ones, crossing time zones, and entertaining them on long flights. That reminds me -- I need to go buy some Benedryl.

I just finished a colorwork crochet hat today. It is called Clover Leaf from the Crochet in Color book by Kathy Merrick. I modified it by making it shorter by a fourth. I have crocheted stripes before, but this is the first time I've crocheted two colors per row. Here it is.

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