Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Summer Days, Drifting Away...

Today has cooled down to 95 degrees Farenheit, and I'm tooling around town in my buggy, toting the kids to summer fun. So far today, we have done the park, percussion camp, swim team, free lunch at Farm Bureau, tennis for girl, tennis for boy, swimming at the pool, t-ball practice, and softball game! In the midst of it, I watched a Hercules Poirot movie, and started in on the sleeve cap of my drunken fair isle.

Yesterday was pretty similar, but I was recovering from a busy weekend. We were honored to have Heather Ordover, of Craftlit, and her two sons stay over on their move across country. We visited Fair Oaks farm, and hit the pool a bit. Her sons really clicked with mine, so that was fun.

Just a bit more to go on the sleeve cap. I'm getting pretty sick of this project.

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