Monday, July 18, 2011

State Fair is Looming

State Fair is looming, and I am frantically trying to finish the knit pieces I have already entered. I thought I would have time on the multiple train rides in Europe to finish, start, and finish them up, but, sadly, I wasn't thinking of:

1. resting

2. keeping children alive and off the tracks, and

3. 90-something degree weather, with varying elements of humidity.

I did start a mitten and do a complicated cuff, but it was only on the 9 1/2 hour flight home that I got anything accomplished on it.

Youngest did not manage to effectively climb the dungeon of the Colosseum (the docent caught him out), and the street outside was closed because it was Sunday, so, we all made it home in decent health.

I finished the goldfish hat on the way to the airport shuttle. But the really big news is that the sweater is done. Done. Done. Done. Feels good to type that.


stashmuffin said...

hey really styling!!!!!!


Judith Hartzell said...

Love this eccentric sweater, and it looks great on
its author.