Friday, July 29, 2011

The next morning we walked to the train station bright and early, and caught a train to Southern France. Well, four trains throughout the day.

We made each one of them, thankfully, and got to travel through Bologna, Milan, Monaco, Nice, and finally -- San Sebastian, France! The picture is Monte Carlo, Monaco.

In San Sebastian, we experienced technical difficulties until several transcontinental phone calls resulted in Aunt Mayo and Uncle Claude picking us up in their camper.

We wended our way to Port Grimaud slowly as the other thousands of sun seekers went our way. License plates from every EU nation crowded past us, and we wooshed around roundabouts. We finally got back to their house about 8pm, I think. And even getting to their home was constricted: there are so many tourists walking the streets of Port Grimaud, that there are gates and security guards restricting car entrance of non-residents. The camper wouldn't even fit in the town, so it was parked at a large interior parking lot, and we jumed on a glorified golf cart. The guard drove Annie, and our family of five through the streets. The sun had set and the tourists crawled like cockroaches over the stalls of the sellers. Up we mounted a series of bridges connecting the arms of land between the channels. "Yodel-oo-del-ai-de-ooo!" yodeled Annie. What a hoot!

Baths and made beds and heads bumped, we finally settled down in a real home.

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