Thursday, December 09, 2010


A friend called this morning and said the kids and I were on South Bend's channel 22 11 0'clock news last night. Yesterday, my friend and the kids and I had all gone up the the South Bend Chocolate Company's Downtown Cafe Store to see Karolyn Grimes, the child actress who played Zuzu on It's a Wonderful Life. She said the shot was of our family posing with her -- the photo below, and of her signing my IAWL snow globe.

I must confess, I brought the rose that is sitting on her signing table. I thought and thought about it, and decided, by golly! If her stage teacher can give her a rose, so can I! She was so kind! She jumped up and gave me a hug and reassured me that she does still like roses.

An unusual Wednesday, but lots of fun.

As for today, I am making soup for a friend who had neck surgery two days ago. Potato and leek. Yummm. As well, I am gearing up for birthdays. I have several things for bake for a carry-in tomorrow. As well, in our home one birthday boy requested hotdogs and apple slices for his special dinner. And store bought snack cakes to take to school for his treat. Let's hope his tastes improve with age.

As well, I am continuing to work on the sweater. Past the armhole shapings! I'm glad there haven't been any major problems so far.

I'm back to working out. Youngest still has plugged ear tubes and is deaf as a doornail. Makes for interesting conversations.

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