Monday, November 01, 2010

Seattle Nordic Knitting Conference, Take Three

*Beep Beepbeepbeep Beep* This just in: Seattle Knitters Guild Cablegram November 2010 has a lovely write-up by Alex Butler.

Pretty, cool, huh?

I apologize to my two faithful readers who have been unable to sleep or eat for fear they have missed my post of the end of Seattle. This past week I spent any free time designing and knitting an entry to a contest. We'll see how that one goes.

But, going West for the second to last time:

I forgot to post any pictures of Ulla-Karin Hellsten's talk Friday night. That is what is pictured in the Seattle Knitter's Guild Newsletter above. If you note in that picture, my shoes were off. My feet were so swollen by that time! All around us were the various archived knit good that Karin L had pulled out of storage. They were beautiful. These first ones are Icelandic. Very beautiful and typical for Icelandic knits -- done in varying stripes of natural colors:

The next case had a variety of smaller, exquisite knits. I apologize for the slight blur. I was not allowed to use flash.

This next batch is just yarny goodness. Make me wish they didn't have cases and had given us all white gloves. Sigh. The first gansey shirt is hard to see with the dark yarn, but the purl/knit stitch patterns are just beautiful. The second sweater is a Bohus Stickning from Sweden. Green Meadow? I'll have to check. The third picture is a line of beautiful selbu stockings. What lovely patterns can be made with one, two and multiple colors!

Finally, Ulla Karin's yarn knit up in some tasty patterns:

Goodnight, all! Let's hope I can wrap this up tomorrow!

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