Monday, November 15, 2010


All my knitting seems so far away.

Gave to friend the Dr. Horrible project: her mum died and left these sweater pieces, which are truly horrid. She doesn't want to wear them. No. She wants to put them on a scarecrow.

I pieced them together, repaired a couple holes and did the neck and waistband.

Didn't even weave in the ends.

I hope it doesn't give you nightmares.

Then I finished a headband type of hat for little girl. Will have to post the picture later...

Finally, on to working on my Faroese Shawl, as (incorrectly) charted by Meg Swansen. Downloaded the errata, and we're off! I bought the real Faroese yarn from a booth at the Nordic conference. I have learned that the sheep on the Faroe Islands are raised for their meat.


ElzBelle said...

Hmmm....this sweater could also be "upcycled."

stashmuffin said...

Do you mean the yarn pulled out and reused? It was a majority of nasty acrylic. The two wool yarns in it were:
1. Ugly, and
2. Shocking pink with moth holes.
If by upcycling you mean throw it in the air while praying -- that may be the only helpful thing.

ElzBelle said...

I meant the first definition of "upcycling," which I'd just learned. (Thanks for letting me use a new vocabulary word!)
Is all acrylic yarn nasty?