Saturday, November 20, 2010


The last bit didn't take long at all. After grafting the last 6 stitches together, the sturdy shawl took a soak in some soapy suds. Rinsed in running water, and blocked on the board.


As stated before, the irritation (dust?) washed out, and the yarn did soften a bit with the soak.

Still, it is an outerwear kind of yarn, too scratchy for delicate wear.

Starting to swatch for a funky fairisle now.

My honey was out of town today. I inherited a rip-roaring cold from the son who gave me about 20 smooches yesterday, complete with, I believe, a nose-blowing on my cheek.

One child is at Harry Potter, and the other two did this:

As always, the question is, who will put it away?

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