Saturday, May 12, 2012

Three Needle Bind-off on the Road

On the road for Mother's Day-- going to my in-laws. I finished the right front of my Kauni Diversity Cardigan and bound it to the front in a three-needle bind-off, but I didn't have another knitting needle. So, I got my trusty crochet hook out of my fix-it bag, and performed the feat with that.

Perfect! I may, indeed, prefer it!

It takes two needles with live shoulder stitches, and a crochet hook.

Insert the crochet cook through one stitch on each needle. 

 Grab the yarn, and pull it through.

Now, bind off as you normally would, pulling the knit stitch on the right over the live stitch on the left.

Finished shoulder seams, that perfectly align, stitch by stitch: the inside...

...And the outside.

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