Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mr. Chomper Pants

So, Sunday on Mother's Day, a treat I gave myself was to finish a project I have dubbed "Acrylic Mayhem."

A member of our library knitting circle, Mary Catherine, died about a year ago. She was a real firecracker-- a great.-grandma who was always knitting for the babies in her life, and always dragging people to the circle, enabling them with yarn.

So, I asked the ladies to knit or crochet 8" squares in pastel colors.  The crocheter did a great job.  I knit two different swatches from some of Barbara Walker's books. But, obviously, no one had a measuring tape real handy.  In fact, I sincerely doubt the crafting abilities of their teacher, and muttered as much as I crocheted it together using horrible, splity acrylic yarn.

I really hate acrylic yarn.  I was cursing it under my breath, and yet, I know it has its usefulness in life.  I wouldn't gift a wool blanket to an unknown person in a baby unit.  The kiddo can spit up and poop on this thing to his or her heart's content.  I just better not ever see it in a garage sale.

So, that was two days ago.  Yesterday, I took it to our local hospital and gifted it.  Then, went on to finish Mr. Chomoper Pants for a friend's baby boy.  So glad to be done with this, as well.  I think the jean material for little kids is so cute!

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