Monday, January 23, 2012

Bee's Knees

I finished it!

I learned about steeks as I went. I picked up and knitted stitches along the front cut edges:

knit on them...

...till they were the right length.

Then, I tacked them down on the wrong side, affixing them to the stitch which I picked up. This makes a casing that the raw ends live in SO THEY CAN NEVER UNRAVEL. I hope they were listening.

Here is the finished knitted binding on the front:

Chris said it looked just like the picture in the book! Now, I must decide whether to do the hook closures, such are in the book, or whether to knit an i-cord frog and do the regular buttons.


Barbara said...

Another entry for the state fair! You must model it next time you swing by this way.

stashmuffin said...

Hey, Barb --
It may be a bit tight...
It fits a 5 year old!
And I'm not telling Chris about your comment, cause he gets ideas!