Monday, December 05, 2011


On the way back from NY late October, we stayed in Paradise, Pennsylvania. That is one of the small, charming places in Lancaster County. Actually, the front desk worker was quite nice: every place was sold out (beautiful Fall colors, weekend, Lancaster County...), but despite my aqua colored hair, she rooted around until she found a room almost set up, and booked us. So nice!

The Amish qualities of the area reminded us of home. They were just a wee bit intensified. In the morning, we packed up and headed to Bird-in-the-Hand, and Intercourse. At the former, we bought some donuts to eat and take home to the chief donut taster in our home. Then we went to Intercourse and wandered in the stores that were open: the Hardware store, the pottery shop, the other Hardware store, until the quilt and yarn stores opened.

Did I mention I had my precious children with me? My very active little ones? My human little squirrels? Many, many times the owners of these fine establishments heard me say, "put your hands in your pockets, please."

"Yes, I know this pottery is very expensive." "It's not a toy. Put it down please. Please don't touch it." "No, thank you." "Please, sit over there. Yes, there. On the floor. Please wait for mommy."

Wendy Ellis is the proprietor of the Lancaster Yarn Store. It is a lovely, small store on the main strip of Intercourse, and, thankfully, it is very hard to break yarn, although the kids had just purchased honey sticks in the last store and were trying very hard to be sticky. Wendy and I sent them out on the porch until they had ended that activity and were ready to watch mom be slow in another store.

Wendy's own daughter is in college and had recently designed this fabulous hat! She has called it Scatterfraction. Through single stitch cabling, she has created a lovely, little vortex that snuggles your head, and ends up in an adorable i-cord pompom. I bought the local yarn it was knitted up in, and just knitted it up a month later.

I present to you: Scatterfraction in Rose!

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