Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Post Thanksgiving!

We have had a influx of loving relatives, and feel thoroughly loved. With my in-laws we had an early thanksgiving complete with ham, turkey and another family. With my parents we had a late Thanksgiving, had more friends over on SUnday and toured the Kokomo Opalescent Glass Co again. Today they flew off back to their warmer State. And we're having the first real snowfall now!

While trying to find "I Was Just Flipped Off By a Silver-Haired Old Lady With a 'Honk if You Love Jesus' Sticker on the Bumper of Her Car," by Antsy McClain of Antsy McClain and the Trailerpark Troubadours, I came across this instead:

Happy Holidays, everyone!

(Next time you guys have to do something we can REALLY talk about!)

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