Friday, February 01, 2013

It's been a quiet week here..

...With Dr. Frankenfoot.   Caution:  gross picture to follow.

I have carted him around to appointments, but very quickly he started carting me so I could knit.  He's already back to work, and happy.  Just really wanting the pin to be removed.

 Isn't it gross?  I have referred to him as my human martini, and sushi shishkabab, or "sush-kabob" for short.  The eeriest thing about it is that his toe is straight.  I need to card him everytime I see his left foot.

It is never easy keeping Chris down.  He wanted to make sure I wasn't, so on his first day back to work, he picked out Daisy Lucille to keep me company.  Here she is, for her grand blog entrance:

Isn't she adorable?  Don't let those puppy eyes fool you:  she can be guilty of misdeamnors as well as the next dog.  She is not as innocent as our earlier-try-at-a-dog.  She has already chewed on the last scarf I knit, and has been found with bits of roving.  We'll have to keep our eyes on this one.

The poor little thing has an almost naked belly.  These past few days have been frigid.  Today there was a two-hour delay for schools, not for snow, but just for the temperature.  With wind chill, I think it was -18F.  On my volunteer day at Emmaus Mission, I saw this, though, which gave me hope:

It was right in front of the building for the homeless shelter.  What an apt image:  an abandoned bird's nest in front of the abandoned Catholic school.  The school has been taken over as a place to house those who need it.  A family moved out since last week when I was there, to their new home, and it won't be many weeks before a sparrow or a mourning dove has nestled into this "house," to start a new round of egg laying.

Michelle came back to show off her baby that I knit the black hat for.  I'm so glad she has been able to keep him.

On other knitting news, I finished a hat last weekend for my niece's birthday.  I knit on it during another cold day, dressed in shorts, a tank top and flip-flops.  I was in Nappanee, which has got to be the hottest pool and swim event in the circuit.

Here is a picture of one swimmer.  He is my little Viking that protects me.  From what has yet to be determined.

All the best, and may you have a good week!

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Heather said...

I need to keep up with you more often--Foot Pins and Viking Protection... you are WAY more busy than I thought.
Hugs to all!