Thursday, November 01, 2012

Peace on Earth, Goodwill towards all

Third time this fall, I have found a Norwegian hand knit sweater in a resale shop. This one came from The Trendy Fox shop here in Rochester. Even though I am into Sámi stuff, I'm not wholly into reindeer on my sweaters. These ones are cool, though. I like the slightly large fit, and the sweater is made of fairly soft wool and is light and warm.

For a fleeting minute I considered ripping it apart and harvesting it for its wool. Then, I remembered: it must be a steeked cardigan. I checked inside, and sure enough: the front cardigan opening was created by cutting up the front of a knit-in-the-round tube, then the button bands were added and the seam was covered with a knit facing. That means if I frogged this sweater, I'd have as many strands of one-row-long yarn as there are rows in the cardi.

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twinsetellen said...

Are you starting a collection?

If you were considering harvesting the wool, perhaps you aren't in love with this one? I wonder what a mild overdye would do - perhaps lessen the reindeer impact yet maintain the charm of the handknit. If it didn't work out, you could still harvest the buttons.

That said, the sweater as it is looks fine to me.