Thursday, September 13, 2012

I think I've been waiting for the buttons to come to post this, but I can wait no longer.  Last week I stopped at Goodwill on my way home from the homeless shelter where I volunteer.  I looooove Goodwill!  Yes, it smells, but I wash what I buy from there.  What I really think I like is the opportunity to try on such a varied selection of clothes -- strange colors and styles that span a great number of years.  No other store has such a selection!

When I go in, I try to choose clothes according to a particular element I think might be flattering:  color or embellishment, for instance.  Often the clothes I pull go far beyond what I would normally wear.  Maybe the label is one that I have a bias against.  I pull them anyways, and take far too many clothes to the dressing room.  I try them on very quickly, though, and reject the vast lot.  What I am left with, however, is a nice, eclectic selection of, well, usually sweaters.

That Wednesday was no different, except in that I got a beautiful, handknit sweater for my efforts! Look at these lovely cables and the fun shaping!

It really is gorgeous:  made of tweedy, 100% wool.  It may even be Rowan yarn!

Why did the poor maker give it to good will?  Well, maybe she didn't.  Maybe it was her recipient.  In which case, this is karma that I found this!  Or, maybe she was disgusted with her zipper.

The zipper really was put on poorly.  A big lip was left over at the top.  It rose and fell in yucky hills down the length of itself.  Finally, the zipper itself was a thick, ugly, industrial plastic one.

It didn't take me long to rip it out.  I had considered installing another one, or doing a similar fastener.  When I removed the zipper, though, the two front facings curled inward.  Quite interestingly, the border was knit with about 4 stitches of stockinette, and then the very outside stitches are 4 stitches of twisted stockinette.  Does this combo ensure a nice folding line?  Has anyone heard of this before?

Because of the natural folding in, I grabbed a lighter weight yarn of similar coloring, and tacked down the facing.  Then, I searched awhile on line to find a gold-toned Norwegian style hook and eye clasp.  I bought five from the Nordic Fiber Arts, after having a nice chat with Debbie first.  Now, I await my package to finish it up, just in time for cooler weather.

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twinsetellen said...

Well done! I, too, love shopping at Goodwill (someday I know I'll find a Bohus original) and have brought home several nice things. It is like a treasure hunt.

In this case it is like you have rubbed the tarnish of the silver doubloons!