Monday, July 02, 2012

On our way to Bemidji

So, we were gone from home, on our way to O'Hare when my daughter suddenly realized SHE HAD NO SHOES ON.

How does one do that?! It's not that she had slipped them off in the car, or even that she had taken them off and thrown them in the back. Or, that she had even packed any. She. Had. No. Shoes.

Now, on one hand, this does free one up a bit on that start and stop again line for airport security. Stop and take your shoes off? Stow them in a bin? Shuffle forward and, after the magic doorway find a bench and get them back on? Ha! She could laugh in the face of such inconveniences, knowing she had both saved three minutes AND picked up a myriad of shared social diseases.

We ended up stopping at Merrillville and getting a pair of shoes. Maybe this was her plan after all.

Now, we are in Minneapolis, greeting Snoopy, who is greeting us. Up in Bemidji, they have had a big storm and have no power.

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