Thursday, June 21, 2012

First email of the day

What a thrill to open up my emails this morning and have the first one be from HEIDI FOSSNES!  Oh, my goodness!  Her Norwegian coffee table book on mittens is absolutely breath taking.

Now, if one weren't a knitter, one might snigger at that last sentence, but it is absolutely true.  She has examined the mitten collection at the Norwegian Folkemuseum, charted and photographed historical mittens from all of Norway's counties, and the colors and styles are mind boggling.

I have been continuing my research on Sámi mittens, i.e. mittens from Lapland, and saw a "new" book on a website and wrote to inquire about it.  She responded.  I wrote back thanking her, and asking a few more questions on the book.  I hope to get it.

*Update:  I did buy the Norwegian national costume book that includes Sámi outfits from the north and northeastern areas of Norway.  It, likewise, is beautiful.  It looks a bit more dated in terms of the pictures; that is to say, the quality and poise of the pictures in her newer books is superior.  Nevertheless, it is well worth the investment.

Ms. Fossnes has continued to be kind and gracious in answering my questions.  She is an outstanding expert in her field, but still willing to help the little people just starting on this journey!

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