Friday, April 06, 2012

Off to Chicago

It is Good Friday, and for the first time in 8 years, the kids have the day off of school. Since this comes on the heels of two, whole, looong weeks off of school, I decided to fulfill a fantasy and finally take the kids back to Chicago's Art Institute.

My honey prepared them yesterday for what this means: long rude to the train station; long ride in the train; computer games only in the train; walking around and probably being bored. I'm so excited!

I brought two projects with me. The first is a pair of Latvian mittens. The second is my perpetual baby project.

On my craft bulletin board I keep a list of all the pregnant friends and their due dates. There are nine listed there. Three were born this week, and another name has been added. Sigh. The requirement for gifts never lessens.

I thought I found a really cute baby sweater pattern when I visited Fort Wayne's Knitting off Broadway store two weeks ago. I inter library loaned the book, picked out a nice fingering weight yarn and started in.

While the pattern is fairly well written, all its directions were with row numbers, not measurements. The gauge mentioned was over the funny lace pattern, not with stockinette, and, since it's a baby sweater, it made more sense to just jump in and let the sweater itself be the gauge.

Unfortunately, my row gauge was much longer than the pattern stated. This sweater was to be knit cuff to cuff, and as a result, the arms and body were much longer than, well, a babies. I also was going to run out of yarn, so into the frog pile it goes!

Now we are on the train. I am winding purple yarn and casting on a baby garter sweater. Here's hoping thus time it works!

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twinsetellen said...

Oh, enjoy Chicago, and good job keeping that baby sweater honest. Good idea, too, about keeping the list of pregnant mums - my list is growing these days, too.