Thursday, September 08, 2011

February Baby Sweater

My cousin had a baby girl, and the shower is this weekend...

I loved knitting the sweater so much, I knit the hat. Then, I cast on for the adult version.

The yarn is Fleece Artist Kid Silk 3-ply. I bought it eons ago as a kit, but didn't like the pattern included. The yardage is quite low, and the yarn slightly scratchy on me, so that narrowed down the possibilities of what it wanted to be. But, when it is knit up, the fabric is so gorgeous -- golden and tawny, soft and drapey.

Because the yardage is low, we'll just have to see how long I can end up making the sleeves.

My youngest's quilt is quilted and bound, and on his bed, just in time for the beginning of colder weather. Ummm!

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